Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing


Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing COLOR EDITION

Developmental approach
clearly identifies developmental tasks and influences at each stage of a child’s growth.
Emphasis on wellness features health promotion chapters for each developmental stage of childhood.
Critical thinking case studies with answers are found throughout the text.
Quality patient outcomes are highlighted within nursing management discussions for major diseases and disorders.
Drug alerts draw attention to potential safety issues, reflecting QSEN safety initiative.
Family focus includes a separate family chapter as well as family content and Family-Centered Care boxes integrated throughout the text.
Community Focus boxes provide resources and guidance on caring for children outside the clinical setting.
Evidence-Based Practice boxes focus attention on the application of research and critical thought processes to support and guide the outcomes of nursing care.
Chapter on complementary & alternative therapy cover timely topics to aid in providing complete, comprehensive care.
Nursing care plans provide a model for planning patient care and include rationales that provide the “why.”
Research Focus boxes highlight current studies that impact pediatric nursing today.
Cultural content and Cultural Considerations boxes are integrated throughout the text to draw attention to customs and beliefs of different cultures that influence childcare.
Atraumatic Care boxes contain techniques for care that minimize pain, discomfort, or stress.
Nursing tips offer helpful hints and practical, clinical information of a non-emergency nature.
Nursing alerts feature critical information that MUST BE considered in providing care.
Emergency Treatment sections provide a quick reference in critical situations.
Nursing care guidelines provide clear, step-by-step instructions for performing specific skills or procedures.
NEW! Next Generation NCLEX®-style case studies and questions
are included in the text and on the companion Evolve website.
NEW! Pediatric Quality Indicator boxes present a bigger picture of hospitals and how they look at quality and safety.
NEW! Applying Evidence to Practice boxes outline up-to-date procedures to reinforce best practices.
NEW! Concept lists have been added to the beginning of chapters to aid programs using a concept-based curriculum.
NEW! Separate chapter on cancer focuses on best-practices within this specialized area of pediatric care.
NEW! Expanded information on the Zika virus ensures you are grounded in the latest evidence-based information.
NEW! Updated genetics content keeps you up to date in this always evolving area of medicine.
NEW! Expanded content on the different roles in pediatric nursing reflect nursing responsibilities and the most common pediatric nursing subsets utilized in practice today.
UPDATED! Content on autism spectrum disorders has been updated tokeep you in the know on the latest practice standards used in this rapidly expanding area of pediatric care.
NEW! Information on Narcan reinforces how to properly apply the injection.
UPDATED! Translating Evidence into Practice boxes have been updated to focus attention on application of both research and critical thought processes to support and guide the outcomes of nursing care.


Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing by R.N. Hockenberry, Marilyn J., Ph.D. (Author), R.N. Rodgers, Cheryl C. Ph.D. (Author), David Wilson (Author)

As the no one title in the pediatric nursing market for over 40 years, Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, 11th Edition continues to leverage its trademark developmental approach as it equips readers with the very latest research and guidelines for treating children today. The text utilizes a highly-readable writing style and encourages a whole-body approach — beginning with child development and health promotion to better understand the later chapters on specific health problems. This new eleventh edition also features Next Generation NCLEX-style case studies and questions, a new chapter covering all systems cancers, additional case studies within the nursing care plans, and updated and expanded evidence-based content throughout to best reflect the latest standards and trends impacting pediatric nursing care today.

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