Q bank medicine as the name indicates is the series designed to crack CPSP exams ,is the only book containing all the past papers till date.
Dr Hasan has done a marvelous job of compiling all the papers with proper references and explanations.
The book is available now at all major bookshops of the country. In case of finding any difficulty of the book, contact our helpline.
Nishter Publications has launched another master piece of Q bank series (the series designed to Crack CPsP exam in first go).
The book with all the problems solved for the FCPS medicine aspirants is here now.
The book has following salient features.

● All the previous pool of FCPS and IMM medicine with all explanations and high yield information.

● The only book having September papers in it.

● The easy review of the mcq topic will help you to grip the most asked topic of CPSP.

● Coloured illustrations and flow charts for better understanding and revision of the syllabus of IMM and part 2.