Clinical Gastroenterology  4th edittion

by Rajiv Mehta

Focuses on all the core areas of ‘Clinical Gastroenterology,’ reviewed by more than 40 National and International Stalwarts. The book provides a clinical approach to the gastrointestinal symptoms. The only book that includes case-based approaches in the relevant field. Comprises Basic Sciences in a very simple format. Comprises plenty of excellent colour illustrations that are an add-on in the book. The only book with detailed description of various endoscopy accessories. Point-wise description for lengthy topics making it easier to comprehend in the Selected Reviews section. Focal Points and Quickies make revision and MCQs effortless. Forewords: (1) Dr Stephen Pandol, Program Director, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, LA, USA – “It is an honor and privilege for me to recommend this comprehensive and practical approach textbook for the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal disorder by Dr Rajiv Mehta. In a very straightforward fashion he has converted medical knowledge and guidelines from experts into an easily accessible format for direct application to patient care. I will certainly be using this textbook for our training program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and predict that it will become widely used. Congratulations, Rajiv.” (2) Dr D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman, AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad, India – “In the gastroenterology, approach to the patient is now essentially based on the patient’s symptoms and analysis of these symptoms imparts an accurate diagnosis. Dr Rajiv Mehta’s book clearly demonstrates this. I strongly recommend this book to all participating clinicians, physicians and gastroenterologist because the format of the book is in a very concise fashion. (3) Dr SK Sarin, Director, IL&BS, New Delhi – “The peculiarity of this book is that various topics have been tackled differently as symptoms, cases and reviews depending upon the balance of clinical importance and theoretical weightiness. Clinical assessment has been emphasized and rightlyD

  • ISBN-10: 8181915178
  • ISBN-13: 978-8181915177